Make Time Work

18% of every day is spent on work that wastes time and effort

– Ernst & Young Australian Productivity Pulse 2011

Making good use of time is about managing ourselves. This Time Management course helps develop the awareness, skills and techniques for effective personal leadership.

Make Time Work is an impactful time management skills training program that leaves participants feeling organised, more in control and less distracted.

Course attendees are more calm and focused and their capacity to give their full attention to the task at hand is significantly improved. We help you create positive change. When teams complete this skills training in time management it is an investment in increased effectiveness for the long term.

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The Make Time Work time management course covers:

    • Value of time – Placing the right value on time is key to ensure the way it’s used is carefully planned
    • Overcoming procrastination – Understanding why we put off certain tasks is the first step in developing techniques to just ‘get it done’
    • Self-awareness – Gaining insight into our own personal style, how it helps and hurts, is an important step to lasting improvement
    • Barriers & blocks – Knowing the ‘barriers to effectiveness’ helps participants create new time management strategies
    • Directing attention – Using our Working Memory, or ‘Mental RAM’ means getting in the zone faster, staying there longer
    • Stress – It’s part of life. Learn to keep stress under control as a motivating force
    • Organised chaos – The course helps with techniques for managing randomness & uncertainty
    • Right task, right time – Most people are ‘morning people’ who spend the best part of their day on email. Knowing our peak times is key to getting the right work done at the right time
    • Managing email – It’s a tool that’s supposed to help us get work done. We help participants get email under control
    • Interruptions & distractions – Some interruptions we create for ourselves. Others we allow into our world. We help participants reduce their impact & frequency


Make Time work is a half-day time management training course, delivered in-house. An external training room can be organised if required.

The program is normally delivered from 8.30am to 1.00pm, and works best with 8-16 people participating.


Pricing for in-company group sessions is $220 to $300 per person, depending on group size and location.


Managing people, workflow and quality is a constant and complex challenge. People who complete the Make Time Work time management course tell us they see benefits in the following areas:

  • Hitting deadlines more often, with less pressure and stress
  • Reduced last-minute overtime, better work/life balance
  • Fewer simple, obvious mistakes, previously caused by rushing
  • Attention to detail improves, more time to ‘think’ and then ‘do’
  • Higher levels of initiative, time to get beyond quick, easy, shallow options


  • Personal Effectiveness, Marketing and Strategy expert

    I am a Personal Effectiveness trainer and coach, with a focus on Time Management. I also help clients with Strategy and Marketing advice.

    I am more than happy to share with clients my experiences as an early stage Startup CEO.

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