Scott Pederick

Unravelling the technical streams

Over my 20 year career in technology I have created applications and services for desktop, web and mobile devices. With a deep understanding of development I can consult with you to navigate the myriad of products, services and offering in the marketplace to find the right implementations at the right price for your project.

I can help you with:

Working out how to make your dream of a technical service into a simplified reality.

I care deeply about the people behind the projects and understand that at it’s best technology should integrate to allow clients the freedom to focus on their core business, not become another need to service. It’s not a silver bullet to grow your business and is not always appropriate. It should augment and enhance your existing skills and abilities. Less robot, more exo-skeleton.

I have maintained and developed systems and services across a broad range of industries from gaming and advertising, to logistics/transport and security. Knowing where to cut and how much is half the battle.

Client Reviews

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    11th April, 2017
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