Jim Parry

Marketing for growth expert

That magic connection between what your customer wants and what you’re passionate about is key to your business success. Make this happen and you can successfully grow.

I can help you with:

  • Customer Insight – how best to find it and use it
  • Marketing Strategy Development – Prioritising for best ROI and growth
  • Brand Positioning – What makes your brand special to customers?
  • Internal Marketing – Inspiring creation of Internal Brand Ambassadors from your staff
  • Marketing Communications Plans – Reaching the right customers effectively

As a highly experienced senior marketer with 20+ years experience of leading business growth programmes across diverse cultures in International and Australian markets, I can help you develop simple yet hugely effective plans and strategies to drive growth for your business.

My career has included working in the Fuel (BP), Lubricants (Castrol), Brand Consulting (WPP Group) and Insurance sectors (Legal&General).

I’m passionate about the power of emotion in people. Through my strategic brand work I support organisations with their business growth through building their brand both internally and externally, bringing staff closer to customers, leading to enhancement of the customer experience.

  • Leading strategic brand development and growth through different stages of the brand life cycle from innovation to maturity. Growing brands into new product variants in the European market, creating a new fuel product category in Australia, creating strategic communications for launch and growth across international markets
  • Leading customer communications for BP Australia during the Gulf of Mexico crisis, helping to ensure that customer loss was minimal, staff turnover unaffected and retail volumes remained at pre-crisis levels
  • Designing and managing innovative cultural change programs to bring the customer to the heart of the business involving over 100 sales and marketing leaders
  • Growing staff and customer passion for brands through internal branding, leadership story telling, introducing brand ambassador programs, creating staff brand champions and launching a high profile community offer

  • Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Post Graduate Diploma, London UK, 1995
  • Kellogg School of Management Executive Program: Sales and Marketing Leadership, Chicago USA, 2013

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