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Business Plans

Do I need a business plan and how should I go about putting one together?

Business Model Canvas

I’ve heard about the Business Model Canvas – can you help me use it in my business?

Business Viability

How do I know if my business idea has got legs or will collapse at the first hurdle?

Making Big Decisions

My business is at a crossroads – how can I be confident of the right path?

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Creating and evaluating your business model in a structured way is a key opportunity to drive long-term value. While it doesn’t have to be an exhaustive or exhausting process, clarity on your goals, values, capabilities, context and support creates important focus.

Our experts are skilled and experienced in the use of the full range of strategic planning tools and models. One tool we have extensive skill and training in is the Business Model Canvas – a world-class framework for outlining, shaping and evaluating your new, existing or potential business models.

Some say “no business plan survives its first contact with a real customer” and many successful business plans were written back of a napkin. However, there is a level of writing and crafting a business plan that makes sense. A well-considered plan helps you avoid potential pitfalls that consume many small and emerging businesses.

Our panel of strategy experts can help you work out what level of planning is right for you given your stage of growth and challenges. We can help link your business model with your strategic and business to get moving in the right direction fast.

There are many tools you can use to create & evaluate your strategy. Some ‘classics’ are less effective than they used to be – the web has changed things for many industries. Our Experts can help you with tools or thinking techniques relevant to your business.

Our experts can help you identify the best strategic planning frameworks to apply to considering and refining your strategic direction. We can help you sharpen your thinking and bring focus to desired outcomes. We can help you identify what the crucial few measures are that will help you link the view in the ‘windscreen’ with the picture from the ‘rear-view mirror’.

It’s hard to be objective about your own plans. We need to be aware of Optimism Bias. Also, the people close to our business sometimes tell us what they think we want to hear. Our Experts have been training people in Strategy for decades. We bring our experience and critical thinking to your strategic challenges.

We offer fearless feedback. We share thinking to ensure you’re asking the right questions at the right time. Steve Blank talks about ‘getting out of the building’. Discussing your strategy with us helps you do this, getting instant feedback from an objective third party.

Face-to-Face Strategy Training & Consulting

Our Strategy Experts run their own consultancies and often conduct individual or small group training on strategic thinking and the tools that support it. They are available to be booked through Real Time Minds for face-to-face training and consulting.

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