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Closing the sale

I get plenty of leads but I’m not good at closing sales. Please help!

Customer Growth

What strategies can I use to grow my business with my existing customers?

Hiring a BDM

I’m planning on hiring a BDM. How do I make sure I don’t get ‘sold’ on a dud?

CRM tools

What Customer Relationship Management software would you recommend for me?

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Get the right business structure in place early, to limit your risk.  Understand the laws that apply to your business, so you can comply.  Sort out the relationship between you and your co-founders now, to avoid issues later that could derail your business.

Our business lawyers have helped to start hundreds of companies, and we are here to help you.  Build strong foundations early, to support your future growth.

Your unique ideas and work are the foundation of your business.   Claim copyright over your work. Keep your intellectual property confidential where possible.  Register a trade mark if you want to prevent others from using your mark in your field.  Consider patenting your inventions.

Know the difference between a license to use IP and assigning ownership of IP, to protect your IP.

Your staff are the backbone of your business.  Do you know how to incentivise them with shares or options?  Do you have contracts with all staff to set out staff duties and stop them competing with you?

Do you have a staff handbook to explain your policies and procedures?  We can explain the key issues online, and can follow up with advice if you need.

Doing business online means applying traditional law in new ways.   You need to consider protecting your intellectual property, complying with privacy law if you collect and use personal information, limiting your liability for other people’s content on your website and social media, and complying with consumer law if you sell products or services.

Our experienced lawyers can assist you with these issues.

Do you offer services? Do you have client agreements in place to set out what you will deliver, and how you will deliver it. Clarify expectations, make sure you get paid, and limit your liability for the issues that you cannot control.

We can help you ensure that your clients cannot take your ideas or poach your staff.

What are you selling?  Are you complying with Australian consumer law requirements?  What arrangements do you have in place with the manufacturer?  Who is liable for faulty products? Our consumer law lawyers can explain these issues and more.

We can guide you through the minimum refund or replacements that you are required to offer by law.

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