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Project Management Tools

What tools are available that will help me keep my projects on track?

Getting Qualified

I need training in Project Management, what methodology should I focus on?

Managing People Too

I’ve got my end covered but how do I bring my team along for the ride?

Return On Investment

How do I know if the time and money I invest in PM skills & tools will pay off?

Project Management topics we help with

What do organisations look for when recruiting project managers? What are the differences between the various project management qualifications and certifications – including Diploma of Project Management, Certified Practicing Project Manager, Project Management Professional, IPMA Certification, PRINCE2 Practitioner and Master of Project Management.

Our project management experts can help you navigate the broader landscape of project management. Understanding the different project management approaches and methodologies – including PMBoK, PRINCE2, Agile, Lean, and how these are applied across industry.

Scoping projects means agreeing a clear definition of project objectives and success criteria, then defining the work needed to achieve this objective. Developing a Project Management Plan enables the team to know who’s doing what, by when, for how much, for whom. Our Experts can help you develop a Project Charter and Project Management Plan to get your projects off to the right start.

Plans must be “progressively elaborated”. We don’t have a crystal ball. The work, the context, the details relating to the project all becomes clearer as we move through the project life cycle – making planning easier and more accurate. Plans need to be regularly ‘iterated’ during the project life cycle to reflect the information available at each stage.

It’s often said that people are the key to project success. If that’s true, what are the keys to people? Project Managers need to understand what makes people ‘tick’ and develop soft skills to help them lead, negotiate, communicate, persuade, motivate, manage conflict, build rapport, influence, think strategically, empathise, and foster a positive, collaborative and productive project culture.

As the saying goes – you need hard project management skills to be a project manager, but you need soft skills to be a great one. Chat with one of our Experts to help build the skills you need.

How is your project performing? A question often asked but seldom answered sensibly, objectively or correctly. Project performance is often measured by ‘gut feel’, or, worse, by comparing planned vs actual expenditure, (a useless and often misleading comparison). EVM measures a project’s performance accurately in real-time.

EVM expresses this as a percentage, enabling clear communication.  You can calculate that the project is “12% over budget and 8% ahead of schedule.” With this accurate, plain-English summary, tyou are armed with reliable information to support good decisions about how the remaining work is managed.

All projects end, but most never close. This short yet important phase is often overlooked. The processes performed in this phase enable lessons learned to be captured and applied on future projects, contracts to be closed, costs to be reconciled, deliverables and supporting materials to be handed over and stakeholders to be updated regarding project closure and outcomes.

Our Experts can help you ensure that all the learnings from a project are collated and captured in a way that means the next project benefits from hard-won experience.

Despite the best-laid plans, projects sometimes go off track. There are options available to help rescue troubled projects. Whether over budget, behind schedule, suffering because of a dysfunctional team, under-performing suppliers, stakeholder interference, poor quality, or uncontrolled risk, there are options.

Major projects involve serious investment. With many projects not getting to final, successful completion, salvaging a big project can add huge value to the business. Talk to our Project Management Experts to get their experience working to get your project moving.

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Our Experts run their own businesses consulting with and training individuals and teams on Project Management. They are available to be booked through Real Time Minds for face-to-face training and consulting.

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