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Dealing with difficult people

I need some help in managing my relationship with a prickly client!

Presenting Jitters

How can I shake my nerves and get better at speaking in public?

Time Management

What are some ways I can maintain focus and get more done each day?

Choosing My Direction

How do I know if I’m following the right path in my choice of business?

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Time is the only resource that is distributed to everyone equally. We can’t manage time, in the sense that we can’t ‘manage’ 10 hours and turn them into 12 hours. What we can do develop our skills in managing the way we use time.

Our Experts in managing time have huge experience in helping people get more done each day, and getting more of the right things done. Using clear goals to help set priorities. Managing technology to be our servant, not our master. Making sure we put the right value on our precious attention, and protecting it fiercely. Talk to us today to get on the right track, fast.

Leading people is a demanding aspect of any senior manager’s role. It’s also very rewarding. Whether you’re a frontline manager in your first supervisory role, someone who is rising through the ranks or a seasoned people manager looking to take broader accountability, we have Experts on hand to help you navigate the choppy waters.

Authentic Leadership is key to building and sustaining motivated, focused, energised teams. If you want help creating and communicating a clear vision, keeping the team focused on achieving results and recognising or rewarding behaviours that build culture, we have Experts on hand with the experience and skill you need.

Influencing large numbers of people with polished presentation skills requires confidence, great structure and the ability to create impact. Effective preparation and proven methods can give you the confidence to deliver inspiring presentations to large or small groups.

Our Experts have trained thousands of people over many years in exactly that. How to use any nerves you might feel to your advantage. How to ensure your preparation leads to confident delivery, and how to craft your message so that you’re hitting all of the audience’s hot buttons. Talk to us to breathe new life into your next big presentation.

You may have previously received feedback that you could be more assertive in your communication with colleagues. You might feel your emotions get the better of you in some challenging discussions. Or, you may be in a situation where you know a ‘difficult conversation’ needs to take place, but you’re not sure how to get it happening.

Whatever the case, we have Experts on our panel who have years of experience helping their training course participants and clients overcome these issues, and many more. They can share proven techniques to ensure your interpersonal communication exchanges are more productive, calmer and drive toward positive outcomes.

Traditionally, language around ‘the power of a great brand’ has been reserved for sportswear and technology companies. But thinking of ourselves as our own ‘brand ambassadors’ and considering how we are being perceived, compared to what we want to be known for, is relatively new.

Our Experts can help you identify what’s truly important to you, where your core strengths are and how to show them off. To really get a handle on what it is that helps you create a lasting impression. Considering and constructing your Personal Brand, with our Expert guidance, can help you feel and appear truly authentic.

Few people get pleasure from conflict and aggression in the workplace – and there’s a special name for those who do. For the rest of us, managing tough conversations or work relationships can be a source of significant stress. Not to mention the damage done to a business when challenging conversations are repeatedly put off.

Our Experts have been helping clients in these areas for years. They can help you navigate these important management and leadership challenges to ensure that, while not enjoyable, they are at least productive. Having a plan, staying in control of our reactions and negotiating toward the desired outcome takes skill and forethought.

We can guide you through the minimum refund or replacements that you are required to offer by law.

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Many of our Personal Effectiveness Experts run their own businesses helping individuals and teams perform better, and some are Registered Psychologists too. They are available to be booked through Real Time Minds for face-to-face training and consulting.

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