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With so many options on the table, expert online marketing advice can have a huge impact on your results.

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    Steve Krinks

    Online Marketing & SEO Expert

    I help small businesses find, engage and convert customers online using best-practice online marketing techniques. From SEO to Social Media, I’m your go-to guy for building your business online.

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    Alicja Murphy

    Branding, Packaging & Web Design

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    I am a no-nonsense creative, focused on helping start-ups and small businesses to get branding and digital design right. I develop relevant solutions, moving freely between print and digital communication, retail and packaging with a contemporary awareness.

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    Robyn Smart

    Wordpress & Design expert

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    I’m a Website and Graphic Designer with over 10 years experience working with both SMEs and large corporations. After working at a branding agency I set up my own business helping SMEs with a large range of creative solutions, in particular getting their businesses online.

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Hot Topics

Top questions our Online Marketing Experts are being asked right now:

Search Engine Optimisation

How do I get my website to appear higher in search results?

Google AdWords

I tried AdWords but spent a lot with not much to show for it. Help!

Social Media

Should I invest my time in social media to grow my business?

Content Marketing

How do I use my content to reach a wider audience online?

Online Marketing topics we help with

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) is the art and science of optimising your business’s online presence to obtain the best possible visibility in search engines.

Our SEO experts have proven track records in building long term success for their small business clients and can help you achieve the same success.

Search Engine Marketing (or SEM) is all about paid options like Google AdWords and Facebook for gaining visibility online.

The key to making SEM profitable is understanding how the platforms work to enable effective campaigns, and knowing how to track and measure ROI. Our SEM Experts will help you create, manage and measure your search engine marketing campaigns for sustained profitability.

Content Marketing is about creating and sharing valuable, informative content that gets noticed by your prospects and leads to them knowing, liking and trusting you enough to do business with you.

To be successful you need a content strategy, ability to create compelling content, and the means to share it among your intended audience. That’s where our Content Marketing experts can help, with deep understanding of what works and how to implement it across most industries.

What platforms and strategies work best, and how do you know if it’s good for business or just wasting time and money that could be better spent elsewhere?

Our Social Media Marketing Experts can help you with these and other questions – from how to set up a company page on Facebook through to advanced strategies for turning your social ‘followers’ into lifelong customers.

Email is a powerful tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes – but only if done well. If you give your subscribers something valuable that they look forward to each time, you’ll be surprised at how well they respond.

Our Email Marketing experts are completely across what it takes to succeed in both B2B and B2C email environments. From designing effective opt-in forms to setting up, managing and measuring email campaigns, they’ll help you get it right.

Conversion optimisation is all about getting your prospects to take the action you want them to – whether on your website, in an email newsletter or a social media promotion. Even small changes can make a huge difference to your bottom line.

Effective conversion optimisation requires an understanding of both human psychology and the online environment for testing and measuring what works best. Our Conversion Optimisation Experts can assist with both, helping you meet your online goals.

Online Marketing Training & Consulting

It’s vital to be across the latest in online marketing as a small business owner today. Our Online Marketing Experts have trained and consulted with small business owners and their teams across most industry sectors and will help you punch above your weight in yours. They are available to be booked through Real Time Minds for face-to-face training and consulting.

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