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Online or Offline Marketing?

Should I focus my efforts online or is ‘traditional’ marketing still delivering good ROI?

Marketing Plan

Can you help me put together a marketing plan to support my business loan application?

B2B Marketing

What are my options for targeting a niche B2B audience with my marketing campaigns?

Marketing Budget

What percentage of revenue should I allocate to my marketing budget and how can I measure ROI?

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Creating, building and sustaining a brand with strong connections to key target audiences helps drive profit. In the end, brands are only useful if they help you make sales. Look and feel is important, but it’s equally key to create an authentic brand story that evolves and builds over time.

Our Marketing experts have decades of experience doing just that. They can offer a different perspective on your brand challenge and provide structure for what’s often a tough process. And, they can help you define what’s truly motivating and differentiating about your offering.

David Ogilvy used to say “I know 50% of my advertising efforts are wasted, but it’s hard to know which 50%”. The rise of highly trackable online media does not mean advertising is dead, but it is changing. Keeping up with the options and ensuring you’re choosing the right tool for the right job is crucial to advertising success.

There are things that a broad reach, targeted advertising campaign can do that online can’t, for the time being at least. Our experts have worked with global brands as well as more modest budgets. We can bring the best of both worlds to your next advertising effort.

Uncovering new leads is a key marketing imperative. Building the brand is great, but leads with new clients is where the ‘rubber hits the road’. Elegantly integrating sales and marketing to drive new opportunities into the business takes careful planning and considered action.

Learning from the past is crucial. Nothing is more expensive than making the same mistake twice. Our experts have created effective lead generation plans and activities. We have years of experience in what works and why. We’re here to help you maximise every opportunity.

A balance between communicating the rational and emotional benefits of your product or service is key to ensure your marketing activities achieve the desired result. Communicating what is both ‘differentiating’ and ‘motivating’ in ways that resonates with your target audience gives you a better than even chance of success.

Our experts have decades of experience on both the client and agency side. They know what creative people like copywriters, art directors and designers need to know to allow them to create powerful campaigns for you. A great brief from you, with deep consumer insight and well-crafted thinking is the best start.

Cracking a direct marketing campaign mechanism that works for your business is one of the most powerful ways to create measurable, predictable results that can be improved over time. Knowing which offer, message, timing and database provides you with the lowest cost-per-response helps you forecast your revenue outcomes.

When you have the information on what direct marketing activity is working best, and the return on investment, you have a powerful tool for testing and learning over time. Direct Marketing is much more than just Direct Mail, so talk to us today about what would be a good place to start for your business.

If you want the best way to map out, structure and time your marketing campaigns, a high-level plan can be an important tool in your arsenal. Some marketing tactics work better when they follow others rather than running ahead. Some times of year work better for different messages, audiences and products.

As in most areas of business, people don’t plan to fail – they fail to plan. Talk to us today to get some expert guidance on the best way to roll out your different campaigns to achieve stronger results.

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Our Marketing Experts work with businesses large and small as trainers and consultants across diverse areas from branding to creating high quality marketing communications. They are available to be booked through Real Time Minds for face-to-face training and consulting.

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