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Unfair Dismissal Rules

How can I move on an employee without ending up in court?

Workplace Bullying

How should I manage an incident of bullying reported by a team member?

Motivating Employees

What’s the best way to fire up my staff to work with passion?

Types of Employee

What are the differences between full-time, part-time and casual?

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Finding great people to help drive your business forward is tough. Keeping them engaged long-term can be harder still. The best HR Strategies are closely aligned with the overall strategic goals of the organisation.

Our HR Experts can help you with strategies to help you attract and retain talented, motivated people. They can help you uncover insights to link HR strategy to business goals to create maximum leverage. Well-constructed HR strategic plans secure capability in your business that will contribute significantly to profitability and growth.

We help you understand the language and reasons for these reports, without teaching you accounting. Our approach is to view these reports from your perspective, helping you understand and interpret them, and communicate with finance people more effectively.

Well designed policies create a platform of common understanding for people in your business. When teams are clear on requirements, issues can be minimised, or managed more effectively if they do happen. Staying current on legislation is challenging in this area.

IR can be a source of pain or power in business, depending on how well it is managed. We have decades of experience in IR and ER and can help with HR policy development, advise on training to minimise disputes such as sexual harassment, bullying and unfair dismissal. Get help to resolve disputes in-house saving time, angst and money.

Whether as a key plank of your long-term HR strategy to ensure your people are constantly learning and growing, or to address an immediate skill gap within your business, Training & Development programs add value that compounds over time.

Our Experts can help with your Training Needs Analysis to ensure targeted learning and development programs are identified. They can offer guidance to ensure comprehensive training and development strategy is aligned with current and future skills requirements. Whatever you need to ensure optimal skill development and increased job performance.

You might be considering your options for attraction strategies to ensure quality candidates are interested in roles you have on offer. Or you might need  experienced guidance around using behavioural-based interview techniques to ensure the right candidate is employed. Our HR Experts have years of experience and insight to share.

Before making an offer, reference checking is crucial to reveal capability for performing in the role. Completing this step in a structured manner increases its effectiveness. Once this stage is completed, developing attractive and legal employment contracts is crucial to get the new employment relationship off to the right start.

Our Experts can help you understand Break-even analysis, and how to build simple yet powerful models so that you can plan and be ready for price or cost changes. This helps you understand and be ready for the future, rather than having to react to the present.

When you engage our HR Experts you have an opportunity to bring their knowledge and experience onto your Performance Management challenges. Whether in Job Analysis or Job Design, creating position descriptions or a performance development system, we are here to help. Keeping talented employees feeling challenged is key.

While Performance Management has in often come to mean ‘managing someone out’, this is only one aspect. Well-constructed systems around this key area can help you avoid the worst-case scenario. Or to manage under-performance effectively if the need arises.

Aligning business goals and strategy with values and organisational behaviour is the key objective of Organisational Development. Our HR Experts have been at the heart of the development of OD strategies for years, and can share their experience to deliver great outcomes.

Refining your leadership development programs with coaching, training and 360-degree tools? We can help you develop talented people. Considering Climate Surveys to measure current and desired behaviours and predict future performance. We’re here to help you get maximum return on investment in your people.

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Our Human Resources Experts are independent HR Trainers and Consultants managing their own businesses in these areas. They are available to be booked through Real Time Minds for face-to-face training and consulting.

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