Paul Crake is the owner and Director of Total Ability. He runs a very successful business, helping people with disabilities drive their cars independently, with his range of ‘state-of- the-art’ vehicle technologies. Total Ability is the exclusive Australian distributor for world-leading manufacturer, Fadiel Italiana.

Paul is getting very serious about taking his business to the next level. He is looking to grow his team. He is significantly increasing his investment in marketing. He’s also planning for the long term – reviewing and updating his strategy and business model.

Over the last two months, Paul has had online video chat sessions with seven different experts from the Real Time Minds panel. The contents of all video chat sessions are always confidential, but enough to say that Paul has covered all of the key advice categories in the last eight weeks, and been very happy with the advice he’s received, and the momentum that is building up in his business.

Paul is smart in the way he operates his business. He has a very lean model, and calls on the expertise of different Real Time Minds experts as and when he needs it. He only pays for the time he needs and uses, whether that’s a five minute quick chat to help him keep moving forward and address a challenge ‘in the moment’, or an hour long session getting input on key decisions and initiatives he’s working on.

In business, as in life, trust is a key commodity. Paul’s trust in the expertise of the Real Time Minds panel of experts was established after his first chat session with Geoff, and continues to increase on the back of each chat session he has with our experts. In fact, Paul is so happy with the quality of the people he’s engaged via the Real Time Minds platform, that he’s hired one on an ongoing basis, as a freelancer, forming part of his extended team.

When we spoke to Paul about this article, he said, “Having met Geoff through a business contact we have in common, and being exposed to the Real Time Minds service, I have been incredibly impressed. They know their stuff, they can give me input and advice across all of the crucial areas of my business, and they are really positive, energising people to speak to. The ‘pay by the minute’ offering means I can get just the advice and help I need, when I need it, and only pay for the time I use. It’s all part of driving efficiency, which is key to the way we run Total Ability”.

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