Small business is all about passion, innovation and determination.
Real people backing themselves to make their dream come to life.

We’re a small business too. Our founding team all left successful big business careers to start successful small business ventures. And now we’ve joined forces to help other small businesses make it big.

We want to give small businesses a better way to access expert business knowledge. Good quality advice can be expensive (even more so if you choose the wrong person to provide it). We think there’s a smarter way.

Three years ago, Geoff Nix, founder and CEO of Real Time Minds, had a “Big Idea”. An idea that provided the ideal solution for small business looking to tap into trusted sources of business help when it’s needed, without the Big Business price tag.

Real Time Minds is the result. What you see is just the beginning. We’ve got big plans. We’re going to make a real difference for small businesses wanting to get ahead, in real time.

Our Team

Geoff Nix

Geoff Nix

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Digital disruption is all around us, so I’m excited to be part of a company combining technology with ideas to create something new to help small businesses achieve their biggest goals.

I’m a small business owner too, with years of corporate marketing experience under my belt.

Steve Krinks Real Time Minds

Steve Krinks

Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer

My marketing career started in corporate roles but over the last twenty years I’ve found that small business is where I get the most satisfaction.

I’ve owned my own small business for the last 8 years, so I’m loving the opportunity to be part of our effort to give small businesses the help they need, when they need it.

Ursula Hogben

Ursula Hogben

Co-founder & General Counsel

I assist small and medium businesses at all stages of their lifecycle.

In particular I enjoy establishing solid legal foundations for startups and small businesses but I’m equally adept at managing larger transactions and assisting larger businesses.

Alicja Murphy

Creative Director

Real Time Minds is all about making life easier for small business owners by taking away some of the stress of their work through trusted answers and advice.

All of my creative and design work tries to communicate this, giving our users clarity and confidence about what we do and what they can expect, wherever they are on the site.

Scott Pederick

Scott Pederick

Chief Technical Officer

My goal as CTO is to make the technology disappear for our clients, giving them a seamless, real time experience that works whenever and wherever they need it to.

What you see today is just the beginning – as new technology comes on to the horizon we want to make it work for our small business clients, first.

About Our Experts

Our Experts are professional Consultants and Trainers that use the time they’re not working face-to-face with their own clients to help you online through Real Time Minds.

Because they’re working with you during these times, and because it’s online without the time and cost of travel and meetings, it costs you less. Better still, you only pay for the time you need to get your problems solved, so minimum hourly charges are a thing of the past.

All Experts are hand-selected by us for their expertise, experience in their field and personal and client recommendations. Real client reviews are available online for you to see what our other clients have to say about them.

Interested in becoming a Real Time Minds expert?

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